Our Mission

The primary goal of  the Center  is collection,  systematization and exchange of climate change information and making it accessible for national and international partners, ensuring  transparency and easy access to climate change related activities in Armenia.  The public access to climate change related information is   emphasized under Article 6 of the Convention, thus the bilingual website, newsletters and publications developed by the Center contribute to the implementation of Convention objectives. The Center is identifying and creating network of national and international information sources, finding partners who might collaborate in future programs.  

About Us

Climate Change Information Center was established in 1997 in the frames of the UNDP/GEF Project "Armenia - Country Study on Climate Change" with a main goal to strengthen the Information Center of the Ministry of Nature Protection.  Presently, the Information Center is operating within the framework of the UNDP Climate Change Programme supporting Ministry of Nature Protection in making information on implementation of UNFCCC in Armenia public and accessible.


The activities of Climate Change Information Center are inclusive of the following topics for the purpose of implementation of commitments of Republic Armenia under UNFCCC.

  • Steps towards inclusion of climate change issues into social, economic and environmental policies;
  • Actions to foster transfer of technologies;
  • Climate change research and systematic observations;
  • Climate change adaptation and mitigation analysis;
  • Education, training and awareness raising issues;
  • Information on development of capacities on national and regional levels; and
  • Programs and events to minimize the climate change negative impacts on economy, health and environment.

Our Partners

“Armenian Hydro Energy Project Institute” OJSC

33a Moskovyan Str., Yerevan 0002, RA (Phone) + 374 10 530 227 (e-mail) hgarmens@netsys.am

Armenia Renewable Resources and Energy Efficiency Fund

Proshyan 1st lane, 32s, Yerevan oo19, RA (Phone) + 374 10 545 121, 545 222 (e-mail) director@r2e2.am http://www.r2e2.am/

Armenian State Agrarian University

74 Teryan Str., Yerevan 0009, RA (Phone) + 374 10 522 361 (Fax) (e-mail) info@armagrar-uni.am www.armagrar-uni.am
Diana Harutyunyan

Diana Harutyunyan

Climate Change Program Coordinator

PhD in Biological Sciences

Tel.: (+37410) 583932 (14)

Email: diana@nature.am

Armen Zohrabyan

Armen Zohrabyan

IT Specialist

Email: armen.zohrabyan@undp.org

Tatevik Vahradyan

Tatevik Vahradyan

Expert Team Assistant, CCIC Website Administrator

Tel.: (+37410) 583920 (18)

Email: climate@nature.am

Marianna Arzangulyan

Marianna Arzangulyan

Expert Team Assistant, CCIC Website Administrator

Master of Science in Applied Economics

Tel.: (+37410) 583920 (0)

Email: marianna.arzangulyan@undp.org