18 March 2020

The process continues of adopting the mandatory requirements for energy efficiency of energy consuming appliances in according to the draft law “On Amending and Supplementing the RA Law on Energy Saving and Renewable Energy” (available in Armenian only).
It was developed by the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure of the Republic of Armenia with the support of the UNDP-RTF Regional Project. The draft was debated by the Standing Committee on Economic Affairs of the National Assembly and received their positive conclusion on 18 March 2020.

According to the document rationale, introduction of the mandatory requirements for energy efficiency are aimed at enhancing the efficient management of public funds, promoting energy saving and energy efficiency by the state, as well as reducing the installed capacities required to meet the ever-increasing demand for electricity.

With the adoption of the draft it is expected:

- The state to set an exemplary case for expansion of energy efficient technologies and for guiding more consumers towards the purchase of energy efficient products;

- To identify the energy efficiency requirements towards the products procured for the state needs;

- To enable long-term savings of public funds on devices acquired through public procurement;

- To ensure willingness to meet the challenges associated with the implementation of the relevant EAEU technical regulation 048/2019;

- To clarify Armenia's position on harmonizing regulations on certain commitments assumed under the Armenia-EU Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement.

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