08 June 2018

On June 8, 2018 the Embassy of Sweden in Armenia in collaboration with the UNDP Armenia and RA Ministry of Nature Protection  presented an exhibition of Swedish and Armenian cartoonists who use humor and satire to illustrate their commitment to these issues, in order to encourage debate and offer fresh perspectives.

The Facing the Climate exhibition, produced by the Swedish Institute and organized by the with the Armenian Association of Cartoonists, features Swedish cartoonists Magnus Bard, Riber Hansson, Helena Lindholm, Karin Sunvisson and Love Antel. Cartoonists from the Armenian Association of Cartoonists as well independent Armenian cartoonist are Samvel Abgaryan, (ABG), Arsen Gevorgyan (Dizo), Janna Dadashyan (D.J.), Arsen Torosyan, Zaven Ohanyan and president of the Association Sukias Torosyan (ToTo).

This Swedish-Armenian exhibition will be traveling to several cities of Armenia and be used as a basis for discussions and lectures organized by the Ministry of Nature Protection of the Republic of Armenia in cooperation with UNDP Armenia. Through the involvement of youth, it will fire the imagination, provide a different perspective and contribute to the public debate on climate and environmental issues.

Climate change is threatening our living environments, causing natural disasters and forcing people to flee their homes. A sustainable future necessitates ambitious climate, energy and environment policies. Sweden wants to take a leading role in efforts to secure a more sustainable society through a strong commitment to the global development goals and Agenda 2030.

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