16 November 2021

The series of training sessions implemented in the frame of UNDP-GCF Armenia’s National Adaptation Plan (NAP) project aimed at media students and faculty members of state universities and specialized educational institutions continues.

Another “Climate change adaptation in Armenia: journalistic perspective" training session was organized on November 13-14 engaging media students of Yerevan based universities and media schools. The 2-day training was organized at the Green Training Center operating in Dzoraghbyur.

The training  aimed at raising the awareness of media students of journalism faculties on climate change and climate change adaptation, providing the necessary knowledge to find, study and report on relevant subjects in different sectors, thus contributing to awareness raising on climate change and climate change adaptation among the society and active reporting on these topics.

Participants of the training got acquainted with the climate change trends, impacts, risks and vulnerabilities, available adaptation measures in Armenia, as well as discussed and presented measures and practices aimed at raising public awareness on climate change issues, necessary institutional changes and adaptation measures during practical group works.

Participants also had the opportunity to get acquainted with the climate change adaptation measures and practices used in the center, as well as benefits and specificities of adaptation measures in the agriculture sector, gaining an understanding of the need for adaptation measures particularly for the sustainable development of the agricultural sector.

Overall 28 students participated in the training session.




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