19 December 2018

The concluding seminar of “Green Urban Lighting” UNDP-GEF project, titled “Sustainability of the Outcomes and the Options for Upscaling”, was hold in “Marriott Armenia” on 19 December 2018.

During the concluding seminar, project key achievements were highlighted and replication opportunities were discussed. The project's "Lessons Learned" report is available here.

In the framework of the project, advantages of energy efficiency in lighting sector have been mainstreamed into legislation and regulations, demonstrated in 18 communities via outdoor projects and in 10 public buildings via indoor projects, supported via upgraded energy performance testing laboratories, and promoted via capacity building and awareness raising efforts. Importantly, project activities contributed to increasing consumer awareness on benefits of energy efficiency thus informing and positively impacting their decision-making.

Representatives of the RA Government agencies, municipalities, foundations, international structures, specialized organizations took part in the event.


Presentations (in Armenian) 

Diana Harutyunyan. The key outcomes of the project

Armen GulkanyanApproaches applied for outdoor and indoor lighting demonstration projects and replication ensuring options

Marianna Arzangulyan. Transformational changes in energy efficiency perception

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