07 July 2017

In cooperation with the Union of Communities of Armenia and in the frames of "Green Urban Lighting" UNDP-GEF and "De-risking and Scaling-up Investment in Energy Efficient Retrofits" UNDP-GCF projects, a retreat event was organized for urban communities of the RA, financial structures, academia and educaitonal institutions on July 6 and 7, 2017.

This workshop on "Basics of Energy Management, Design Features of Modern Lighting Systems, and Green Procurement Opportunities for Communities of Armenia" was led by UNDP International expert with extensive experience in the sector, Mr. Andrey Dodonov. Within the workshop, theoretical and practical principles of urban energy management and the RF experience in energy management were presented. Local expert team outlined the methodology of energy auditing and procedure for building certification, and addressed the issues of modern energy efficient lighting systems design. A significant portion of time and resources of the workshop were allotted for group work of practical importance.



For the materials of the workshop, please, visit the Armenian version of this page.

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