01 December 2018

This bilingual textbook aims at promoting energy efficiency in planning and design of indoor and outdoor lighting systems through providing basic scientific and practical knowledge for engineers and architects. The textbook includes a brief summary on the physical, biological and aesthetical principles, as well as standards, economic approaches, software, and environmental aspects underlying the lighting technologies. The authors specifically emphasize the energy efficiency solutions that help to mitigate climate change, one of the challenges of the modern world, and are applicable for governments to achieve energy independence and for individuals and businesses to increase savings.

This publication is in continuation of "Green Architecture" bilingual texbook.

Introductory pages

Chapter 1. Lighting theory and principles for engineers and architects

Chapter 2. Artificial light sources

Chapter 3. Indoor lighting: health-related, efficient, and cost-effective solutions

Chapter 4. Outdoor lighting: special needs of street traffic, pedestrians, parks, landscaping and nature

Chapter 5. Software for simulation and design

Chapter 6. Technical and economic principles of energy efficient lighting

Chapter 7. Lighting and ecology