23 May 2022

The NDC Financing Strategy and Investment Plan (FS&IP) aims to help the Government to operationalize priority actions identified in the NDC and NDC Implementation Plan (IP) and provides guidance on how to effectively assess, mobilize, scale and utilize financing. The document includes five sections. It first provides an overview of Armenia’s NDC commitments, the key sectors responsible for the highest amount of GHG emissions, the overview of climate finance received so far, the scope of main limitations and gaps to be addressed. The second part dives into the projections on the funding required by 2030 to meet NDC targets. The guidelines on how to mobilize public-private resources from both international and national levels make up the third, main section of this document. The remaining two parts discuss the mechanisms of monitoring, reporting and verification in the field of climate finance, the list of measures to improve the financing architecture and the investment program with the required actions.

draft in English

summary of draft in English