22 April 2023

“Measurement, reporting and verification system of climate change mitigation and adaptation policies and measures” validation workshop took place on April 21. The event was organized in the frame of UNDP-GEF CBIT project.

The workshop aimed at presenting and discussing with stakeholders the methodology and institutional framework and recommendations for legal/regulatory arrangements for continuous collection of information on mitigation policies and measures among stakeholders as well as the climate change adaptation monitoring and evaluation framework and its operationalization, including proposed adaptation indicators for water and agriculture sectors. The works were carried out by CBIT project contractors Gauss international consulting company, Civitta AM.

Deputy Minister of Environment Gayane Gabrielyan and UNDP Deputy Resident Representative in Armenia Konstantin Sokulskiy delivered opening remarks during the event.

“Today, we are increasingly aware of the importance of implementing climate change mitigation and adaptation actions. Moreover, if before we could give more importance to any of these, today it is hard to validate prioritizing one over the other. It is not surprising that water resources and also the proposed indicators related to them were selected as key targets, as today we are facing a vital  problem of balancing our water supply and demand. It is neither possible nor purposeful to implement water resources management without having basic indicators”, noted Gayane Gabrielyan, adding that the process of preparing the agenda for the third session of the Climate Change Inter-Agency Coordination Council is underway, and participation as well as suggestions of present representatives of governmental entities are expected to finalize it.

The reporting on greenhouse has emissions reduction is important to fullfill Armenia's international commitments under Paris Agreement, however assessing the efficiency of adaptation policies and measures is important for building climate resilience of Armenia and ensuring achievement of a number of Sustainable Development Goals.

“Armenia as a signatory of Paris Agreement has commitments to regularly provide information on progress made in implementing and achieving its mitigation target for greenhouse gas emissions reduction under Nationally Determined Contributions. Besides Armenia committed to report on the adaptation policies and actions, as well as support received as components of Measurement, Reporting, and Verification system. And of course as Deputy Minister Gabrielyan already said you can only manage what you can measure and in this respect it is very important to consolidate aggregate, process, store and analyse respective relevant information to inform respective policy and decision making at all levels”, in his opening remarks mentioned UNDP Deputy Resident Representative in Armenia Konstantin Sokulskiy.

Over 65 representatives of Ministries of Environment; Economy; Territorial Administration and Infrastructure; Emergency; Health; Labor and Social Affairs; Health; Statistical Committee; Cadastre Committee; Public Services regulatory Commission;  scientific institutions; Gauss international consulting company; Civitta AM and UNDP attended the event and participated online.


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